Six trends of the cosmetics industry in 2012


  In Chinese cosmetics industry, many two or three line brands in general are regional brand advantage, this year for them will surge of the year, both to realize oneself to the development of the market of the breakthrough, also facing the first-line brand competition in the local market. In general, mainly on the following major development trends:

  In 2012 two or three line of cosmetics brand development trend

A trend: the implementation of “fan out from point to area and horizontal integration” strategic layout

  The two or three line of cosmetics brand in general are regional advantage cosmetics brand, they are ranked in their stronghold, in order to realize the dream of national brand, the market must break the regional limit and extension.

Two trends: to establish vivid brand banner

What is the soul of the brand? How to let consumers see a cosmetics brand will scramble for? This is precisely the cosmetics brand key issues in 2012. In experience “wins gold medal”,” advertisement battle”, “packaging war”, “promotional war” later, cosmetics brand marketing only lingering soul brand, build brand culture connotation, ability it is occupational the commanding elevation of brand.

Three trends: the dislocation competition and regional competition

  For the regional strong brand, first-line brand of cosmetics head-on conflict never, that would be time-consuming, the loss outweighs the gain.

  Two or three lines of regional brand of cosmetics competition principle should be flanking the dislocation competition. Leading products adopt brand dislocation competition principle, starting in the first-line brand and small-time narrow price gap between brands, it will meet the regional competitive advantage demand.

Four trends: the continued to consolidate their according to market

  The two or three line of cosmetics brands are generally regional strong brand of cosmetics, in the local market as a king, and even monopolies. From the brand positioning, regional strong brand of local features is relatively concentrated, geographical advantages are obvious, but once out of this place, the brand does not account for the “day and place” advantage, brand extension can be very difficult.

Five trends: to surprise attack, beyond the traditional distribution strategy

  On 2012, two or three line of cosmetics brand marketing needs to be more surprising success, most of the brands in dealer choice isn’t exactly the choice of traditional distributors, but to choose to have more social resources, political resources of the new dealers, it can effectively grafted to a high-end customers and the development of consumer group purchase, but also effectively avoids the traditional dealers inherent operation mode of big circulation and activate the channels and terminal.

Six trends: well-organized, product brand

Generally speaking, the two or three line of cosmetics brand system consists of many the first brand, the second brand, the third…

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