Six reasons to choose iOrganic milk

iOrganic milk is very wholesome and full of natural goodness. It has:
* 3 times more Omega 3 fatty acids than conventional milk.
* High CLA values (conjugated linoleic acid – a type of fat that may prove to be one of the most potent cancer fighters & is also anti-diabetic).
* Higher amounts of Vitamin A & E and is rich in antioxidants.
* 24% higher total polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) than conventional milk.
* Active lactose enzymes that help promote full digestion.

Researchers from all over the world highly recommend Organic milk for pregnant/lactating women due to its high levels of CLA. This fatty acid is very important for baby’s immune system and may help protect them against cancer and allergies.

Conventional dairy farmers often inject their cows with rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) and Oxytoxin to make them more productive. Cows are injected with these synthetic hormones to continue lactation beyond theirnormal cycles. Consumption of milk containing these hormones leads to:
* Hormonal imbalance in developing fetuses and young children.
* Early puberty in girls, leading to problems in their reproductive system.
* Breast cancer. There is scientific evidence that longer the exposure to high levels of the hormone, the greater the breast cancer risk.

You will pleased to know that our bovine friends just say “No” to artificial growth hormones and are perfectly happy to produce milk according to their natural cycles.

The overuse of antibiotics is also rampant among conventional dairy farmers.Their cows are given antibiotics, pain killers & steroids for health issues on regular basis, and the drugs show up in milk the cows produce; making their milk unfit for human consumption.

iOrganic milk is however free from these antibiotics. We focus on health maintenance and disease prevention by emphasizing proper nutrition and sanitation, and reducing animal stress. Close management, and preventative and holistic animal health maintenance are key.

If at all a particular cow is given antibiotics to treat sickness, its’ milk is discarded for atleast 15-20 days from the lot recommended for human consumption.

Conventional dairy farmers all over India feed their cattle with cheap, low quality fodder and food byproducts to lower their cost. This food has no protein value for the animals and contains high levels of pesticides and fertilizers. Most of farmers also let their livestock stray outdoors, which leads to cattle eating dirty, contaminated food and plastics from garbage dumps.The result: these highly toxic chemicals eventually show up in milk that is delivered to you.

Pesticides are known to pose significant, acknowledged health risks to people including:
* Birth defects.
* Damage to the nervous system.
* Disruption of hormones and endocrine systems.
* Respiratory disorders.
* Skin and eye irritations.
* Male Reproductive Development: Hormone-disrupting chemicals in commercial pesticides have been linked to testicular cancer and low sperm counts in men.
* And various types of cancers.

iOrganic milk is void of these chemicals. Most of the cattle feed is organically grown at our own farmland which is tested regularly by reputed laboratories. That’s why the milk we deliver is 100% pesticide and toxin free.

We ensure that our milk is untouched by human hands all the way from grass to glass. We use milking machines for hygiene rather than hand milking our cows. Our dairy operations adhere to strict sanitation and cleanliness standards to ensure milk is of the highest quality.

According to recent reports by the leading newspapers, upto 70% of the milk we buy is adulterated with synthetic chemicals. Most of the milk sold by standalone dairies, the doodhwallas, and even the trusted milk brands could be laced with urea, detergents, cheap oils & hydrogen peroxide (used as bleach!) or adulterated with water or chemicals; to affect quantity, texture & quality. We are unknowingly consuming and serving our children White Poison in the name of milk.

We however work directly with the dairy farmers to ensure our milk is good from the beginning. Our milk only comes from certified organic dairy farms and is not collected from unknown sources. That’s why we know exactly how our milk is produced and what does, or more importantly doesn’t, go into it.

We believe, this is the only way to ensure our children drink pure, nutritious & wholesome milk everyday.

Organic Cow Milk ManufactureriOrganic Milk has a rich taste, creamy texture and an enchanting aroma that many of you might have forgotten due to dependence on poor quality processed milk
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