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Six Flags Magic Mountain unveiled a new ride for 2018 Thursday, Aug. 31.

But, as its name suggests, the ride Crazanity is not for the faint of heart.

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s new pendulum ride, Crazanity, will open in spring 2018.

Theme park president Bonnie Sherman Weber described it in a statement as “a mash-up of craziness and insane fun, an experience different from anything else we have in our unparalleled thrill ride arsenal.”

Crazanity, which was announced in a special online event, will be the world’s tallest pendulum ride when it opens in late spring in the newly themed Boardwalk area of the park. It will stand 17 stories high and travel at speeds of up to 75 miles an hour, whipping back and forth, higher and higher, as 40 riders sit strapped to the outside of a large disk rotating counterclockwise.

According to a park spokesperson, the ride will be located across the midway from Tidal Wave, next to where the current bumper cars attraction stands. The Metro station currently there will be removed.

Enhanced bumper cars, renovated attractions, dining, games and shopping are also planned for the new Boardwalk.

Six Flags Magic Mountain will open the world’s tallest pendulum ride in spring, and it’s name sums up the experience. It’s Crazanity.

The announcement follows other big news for the park.

In July, Six Flags Magic Mountain unveiled “Justice League: Battle for Metropolis,” a shoot ’em up attraction with a DC Comics theme. It immerses riders into a fight between good and evil. As they enter the attraction, they get the back story: Lex Luthor, The Joker, and Harley Quinn have taken over Metropolis and captured the Justice League’s Supergirl, The Flash, and Green Lantern. Riders don 3-D glasses and then step into motion base vehicles armed with laser guns to help Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Cyborg save the day.

Last week, the park announced it is staying open every day of the year come January. And that makes the second part…

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