Shoreline Periodontics Invests in New Navident Technology for Those Seeking Dental Implants in New London, CT

Drs. Marianne Urbanski and Gregory Toback Invite Those Seeking Dental Implants in New London, CT, to Experience Navident Technology

Drs. Gregory Toback and Marianne Urbanski, periodontists with Shoreline Periodontics, now offer the latest, state-of-the-art technology for precise computer-guided dental implant placement. Navident offers a breakthrough in highly accurate, virtually guided implant surgery. Shoreline Periodontics is now accepting new patients with missing teeth in need of dental implants in New London, CT and Westerly, RI to receive convenient, long-lasting treatment.

Drs. Toback and Urbanski, respected periodontists, use computer-aided Navident technology to prepare and place dental implants in New London, CT and Westerly, RI. Before treatment begins, a quick, in-office visit allows the team to capture the current state of each patient’s unique oral structures. A fabricated stent and detailed scan using a cone beam CT scanner are combined and used to digitally plan each implant surgery. The plan is generated within a few minutes and can be modified at any time. Once the ideal surgical plan is crafted, the same plan is then used as a guide for the surgery. During the surgery, Navident is present every step of the way and shows the drill tip or implant in the jaw while also highlighting the surrounding structures such as nerves and blood vessels.

The team at Shoreline Periodontics understands that this technology increases the accuracy of implant placement. Dr. Toback remarks, “Bringing technology from neurosurgery, with Navident we’re able to place implants with accuracies never before possible and are able to get that dynamic feedback during the surgery so we know about angulation, depth, and what’s happening in…

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