Shamanic Healer and Teacher Anahata Ananda of Shamangelic Healing Talks about the Transformative and Healing Powers of the Breath on Aubrey Marcus Podcast from Austin, TX

Aubrey Marcus

Shamangelic Breathing was as profound a healing experience as any that I have been a part of.

Anahata Ananda of Shamangelic Healing, Sedona Arizona’s Premier Center for Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Awakening, talks with host Aubrey Marcus about the transformative and healing powers of the breath, for both health and spiritual awakening, on his widely followed podcast about consciousness and spirituality in Austin, TX.

In this “Breathe Better, Live Better” live podcast, Shamanic healer Anahata discusses her Shamangelic Breathing method and how the breath is integral to, not only personal spiritual awakening, but also to a peaceful society. Anahata, Aubrey and fellow guest Noah Villalobos talk about the ancient and modern findings—from the yogic tradition to current neuroscience—that deep shamanic breathing can positively change, not only the body’s chemistry, neuropathways and nervous system, it can actually open portals to higher consciousness.

Shamangelic Breathing offers a powerful method for restoring vitality and optimum health to mind, body and spirit and is catching on to being an enormously effective tool for transformation for people who are experiencing increasing stress and anxiety in the world.

This insightful one-hour podcast will be of great interest to listeners interested in Shamanic Wisdom and personal growth and empowerment, healing arts practitioners or anyone who wants to expand their awareness about energy healing modalities. It is available on iTunes as an audio recording by subscribing to Aubrey Marcus Podcast or may be viewed with the video component on YouTube.

Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Counselor, Anahata Ananda, has trained extensively with gifted shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from around the world in order to artfully integrate the fields of spirituality, energy healing, self-empowerment, and shamanic teachings. Her client-base spans the globe with individuals from all walks of life who are seeking to heal and awaken to their fullest potential.

The Shamangelic Healing Center is based in Sedona, Arizona. It is nestled beneath Thunder Mountain, with 360 degrees of breathtaking views, and within walking distance to a medicine wheel and healing vortexes, making it the perfect setting for healing and expansion. Inside, the retreat center’s calm and relaxed environment helps to engage all of the senses, making it easy to settle into a session. Clients seeking Spiritual awakening, transformational healing services, counseling, sacred land journeys or training courses may choose from a wide range of options that can be tailored for the ultimate personal experience.

For those unable to attend or come to Sedona, Anahata has created…

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