Sentencing expected Wednesday in Deer Park dumping case

Atlas Asphalt owner Ronald Cianciulli is expected to be sentenced Wednesday on felony and misdemeanor charges for helping dump tons of contaminated debris in a state-protected wetland.

The sentencing has been delayed several times, due to the state Department of Environmental Conservation needing time to complete its final inspection of the Deer Park wetlands site that Cianciulli said has been cleared of all contaminated debris, state Supreme Court Justice Fernando Camacho has said.

Cianciulli’s sentencing will mark the final disposition of charges included in a December 2014 dumping indictment, which charged Cianciulli; Thomas Datre Jr.; his father, Thomas Datre Sr.; Christopher Grabe of Islandia Recycling; and former Islip Town Parks Commissioner Joseph J. Montuori Jr. and his former secretary, Brett A. Robinson. Charges against Datre Sr. were dropped.

Camacho found Cianciulli guilty last year of two E-class felonies: third-degree endangering the public health, safety or the environment with dieldrin; and third-degree endangering the public health, safety or environment for recklessly engaging in conduct that caused the release to the environment of more than 2,000 pounds of a hazardous substance.

He also found Cianciulli guilty of two A-class misdemeanors: fourth-degree endangering the public health, safety or the environment with asbestos; and operating a solid-waste management facility without a permit.

Cianciulli, of Deer Park, was found not guilty of the top charge of second-degree criminal mischief, a D-class felony, and of a violation…

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