Seniors Getting Hooked On Fishing Arcade Game, Spend Up To RM50 Per Day ‘Shooting Fish’

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An undercover investigation by a Harian Metro journalist has revealed that slot machines are becoming a dangerous addiction!

Not just to impressionable youths but surprisingly also to the elderly. Perhaps these grandmas need to sort their priorities out.

A fish shooting simulator machine had managed to attract the attention of these elderly women as they arrive as early as 10am just to have a turn on this machine.

The undercover journalist had disguised himself as another player at the arcade and learnt that the elder women there would spend up to almost RM50 a day to buy the tokens to start their fish-shooting game with other players.

Even though they claim it to be as a hobby but the journalist suspects they are hiding something far more deeper as they would rather invest tens of ringgits in a few hours of unproductive diversion.

One of the visitors said she and her sister often went to the arcade to play ‘fish-shooting’ machines. Asked whether the tokens can be exchanged for money in return, she denied and started to change the subject.

“I only come here to fill my boredom,” she said.

Harian Metro had exposed the dangers of gambling addiction caused by this fishing simulator game that’s often found in illegal gambling dens raided by the police in Lembah Klang.

What is even more worrying is the fact that the same simulator machines can be found in game arcade meant for families in shopping malls, with the danger of turning unsuspecting players into gambling addicts.

Meanwhile, Criminal Analyst Kamal Effendi Hashim when contacted by the Malay news daily said the fishing simulator machine can be addictive to the players.

“Some of them are willing to fork over hundreds of dollars solely to exchange for game tokens.

“The shooting fish game has become very popular in neighboring countries like Indonesia until the authorities there had declared ‘war’ to curb the gambling…

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