Senior Specialists Group Adds Wealth of Opportunities for Members

Richard Weatherman, founder of the Foundation for Senior Services and CEO of®

Our SSG membership continues to increase with talented business professionals, and new chapters are opening in various locations to link the communities to the needs of seniors.

Senior Specialists Group, a branch of the Foundation for Senior Services, recently added a host of new member benefits. New benefits include products and services to seniors in need, referred by the Foundation for Senior Services and its partner alliances; social media exposure on various internet sites to recognize members’ business expertise, including educational video presentations; public speaking opportunities to educate seniors and their families on every level of senior services; professional development through seminars and workshops to enhance members’ business growth; and fundraising/charitable giving opportunities to support the Foundation for Senior Services.

“Being in the home care business it was clear to me that most are not prepared for the life-changing ‘event’ and after the ‘event’ they have to scramble to get things in order, till now. Our public charity is now your centralized senior service organization to help you through,” said Richard Weatherman, founder of the Foundation for Senior Services and CEO of®.

Senior Specialists Group (SSG) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity, a Centralized Senior Service Organization. The purpose of SSG is to bring together a team of senior specialists that are passionate about the health and well-being of the senior community. SSG chapters are comprised of experienced professionals and businesses that meet regularly…

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