Seattle traffic isn’t so bad if you ask these Germans

Seattle traffic. (AP)

Seattle is the best city in America to drive in … according to Germans.

A global list ranking the best cities to drive in 2017 garnered some attention via a Seattle reddit post. It lists the Emerald City as the best American city to drive in this year, and places it 16th in the world.

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Düsseldorf, Germany is the world’s greatest city to drive in, according to the viral list. The rankings come from German auto supply website Kfztiele24. It considers a lot of data, and in classic German style, it engineers a ranking system with some serious math: Score = 1+9 (X1-Xmin / Xmax – Xmin).

I went to public school, otherwise, I would explain that math to you. Basically, the auto website weighed congestion, public transportation, parking costs, road rage, average speed between Seattle and Sea-Tac Airport, air pollution, gas prices, traffic injuries and other data.

But don’t pat yourself on the back too fast, Seattle. The list makes for a great online promotion; companies often use such posts to go viral and promote their brand. This list, however, doesn’t make for an accurate picture of Seattle traffic. There are a few significant details it leaves out.

Seattle traffic

Construction: Tucked in the middle of the rankings is this point: “Any traffic delays or congestion caused by temporary construction work was not taken into account for this study.”

That’s actually quite an important piece of information when it comes to Seattle traffic. The city is in the midst of updating a lot of its infrastructure. Take bike lanes, for example. Seattle is slated for the construction…

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