Sean C. Miller’s New Book “Neil The Teal Seal” Is About A Young Seal Who Learns To Embrace What Makes Him Unique And Teaches Others To Do The Same

Sean C. Miller, a devoted teacher, band director, husband, son, and father, who recently passed away, completed his new book “Neil the Teal Seal” while he was in college. Neil is a little seal pup and grows up to be a bit different from the other seals. Neil is not gray like the other seals, he is teal.

According to Miller’s father, Joseph, “Sean graduated from Troy State University in 2014. As part of his studies, he wrote a short children’s book for one of his classes, which you now have in your hands. Sean landed a teaching job at Dale County High School in Midland City, Alabama shortly after graduation as the middle school and high school band director. He was loved much by his students and peers. Sean’s life came to an abrupt end on January 7, 2015 as the result of a horrible car crash on his way to work. He left behind a wonderful wife, Sherri, who took up his baton as director of the bands, a darling daughter, Madi, and a son, Sean C. Miller, II, who was born after his death. Sean loved his students, his coworkers, and his principal. He talked daily about how he wanted to do the best he could for them. He is gone now, and there are only a few things remaining that I can share with the world. “Neil the Teal Seal” is one of them. I hope that this book will encourage and inspire children everywhere to be themselves with pride.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Sean C. Miller’s inspiring work depicts how Neil’s friends don’t understand his differences and make fun of him. However, when Neil is captured in a fisherman’s net his life changes.

Seeing that he is so different, the fisherman takes him to live at the city aquarium. He is loved and admired by the visitors and becomes a main attraction. Other seals come to…

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