Screen Kinetics Announces The Launch Of Their New Online Store For Digital Signage Content – digital signage content specialists – today announced the launch of their new online store.

Screen Kinetics have launched an online store that provides businesses with a one-stop solution for sourcing videos and templates that are custom designed for digital signage. With this recent development, Screen Kinetics is now aiming to provide companies that operate digital signage the easiest possible way of acquiring broadcast-grade video content that is optimized for use in this environment.

The company maintains that the development of their online store has stemmed from client feedback on the difficulties associated with creating engaging video marketing content for their displays. As a consequence, the store has been structured from the ground up to cater to the very specific communication needs that users of this technology often have.

The content developed by Screen Kinetics is designed to allow business to use their digital signage as a replacement for traditional printed signage. Innovations on offer include animated merchandise carousels for grocery stores, dynamic sale signs for retail storefronts and simulated neon for night time use.

Recognizing that businesses also need to combine ready-to-play videos with editable templates, the company has committed to offering both forms of motion graphics content in the store. In particular, they have developed a range of core video templates that are ideal for digital signage owners in the retail, food & beverage, hospitality and corporate sectors.

Regularly updated screen content is often the key to the success of any digital signage implementation. With affordably priced new content being released in the store on a regular basis, Screen Kinetics will certainly help small to medium-sized businesses truly harness the…

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