SBS Insight chats to parents about having children at a young age

A 15 year old girl in Tasmania found out she was pregnant and determined to not become another statistic

Ebony was just 15 when she fell pregnant with her first child. Now, she’s married, studying law and has two children.

EBONY was just 15-years-old when a pregnancy test she’d purchased at her local supermarket read positive.

A year 9 student at a Catholic high school in Tasmania, she’d been dating her boyfriend for about three months when her period didn’t come on time.

Ebony wasn’t as careful as she should’ve been.

Growing up, sex was sacred in her household. She “wasn’t educated” on the topic, and while her family weren’t religious, even the word wasn’t used in conversation.

“I was grounded when I lost my virginity,” Ebony, who is now 21, told

“My mum and dad didn’t offer me contraception … it was just ‘don’t do it or you’ll get grounded’.

Ebony at 16, and just a few days after giving birth to Ruby.Source:Supplied

Dressed in her school uniform, Ebony — who will appear on Tuesday night’s episode of Insight about teenage pregnancy — recalls how daunting buying the test from the cashier was.

“There was no self-serve check-outs, so it wasn’t the best experience,” she explained.

“I went home, and waited until night time when everyone was in bed. I did the test in the bathroom, and one line showed up — meaning it was negative. So I buried it under my computer desk so no one would find it.

“The next morning, I checked it again — I hadn’t waited long enough, because two lines had appeared overnight.”

When Ebony realised she was pregnant, she “fell to the floor” in fear.

“I was terrified,” she said. “You go numb in moments like that. I didn’t know what to do or who to tell.”

Ebony’s twin sister walked in moments after she’d re-examined the pregnancy test.

“She knew something was up,” Ebony said. “I didn’t want to tell my parents, because we were going on a family trip that…

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