SavArtScene: Art gallery adds to LGBT center

The Savannah LGBT Center recently opened its doors for the first time at 1515 Bull St. A cross-section of the LGBT community, friends, family and allies were all on hand to welcome the opening of Savannah’s first dedicated space for LGBT support groups, mentorship, community gatherings, crisis outreach, health services and advocacy.

The center is run by a cooperative of partners that include Savannah PRIDE, Georgia AIDS Coalition, Stand Out Youth, Transgender Education & Empowerment, and Georgia Equality. The main partner organization and fiscal sponsor is First City Network, Georgia’s oldest LGBT organization. The center has many exciting things planned for the near future, and one of those things is the official opening Aug. 4 of a gallery space in the front room run by Peter Roberts. Roberts is the director of Location Gallery at Austin Hill Realty and has been a part of First City Network since its inception. For him, the opening of a second Location Gallery at the Savannah LGBT Center brings everything full circle.

“I think this is different from the other location in the fact that this will be a little more personal for me,” says Roberts. “I think it’s also a way to give back… What we’re going to do is we’re going to be pulling together group shows with the standard emerging and established artists. We’re just trying to ideate a little bit more of a universal message about the gay community in general. It’s sort of an access point for everybody.”

All profits from gallery sales will go directly to First City Network, and Roberts hopes the gallery will serve as an all-access entry point for everyone in the LGBT community, as well as friends and allies. He explains that when he first came out, the LGBT community was more cohesive because of the collective onslaught from society at large at the time. But as society evolved and became more accepting, the LGBT community began to fracture in certain ways, and each…

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