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Recent Savage Love Letters of the Day: What should he do with the one who got away? How does a unicorn approach a couple in the wild? And what should she do with her ambiguous bi boyfriend? Also: last week’s column and Savage Lovecast.

A confused reader fretting over FRET:

In context, being in a LDR with a bi guy with poly tendencies sounds very much like having a bi fuckbuddy. Also, at a psychic level, I don’t understand, or find it hard to sympathize with, her being OK with his sleeping with men, but not with women. What’s the difference? At both a psychic and an anatomical level, I find it hard to understand her not giving him anything he can’t give her. What are the equivalences here? The disequivalences? She has no prostate? What else doesn’t she have?

Regarding THIRD:

Would it be weird if a unicorn were to have a pin or detachable patch of a pretty rainbow unicorn somewhere on them? Like on a jacket or handbag? If someone were to ask about it and a) they were part of a hot couple, she could explain the significance (“it’s a term for bisexual women who are open to being with couples”) and see where the conversation goes, or b) if they were not a couple she were interested in, she could simply say something like “I just really like unicorns” or “I was obsessed with Lisa Frank as a kid.” Or is that a monumentally stupid idea? Genuinely asking, since that was what I thought of when I read the letter.

…regardless, drawing a pretty rainbow unicorn sounds fun now. I…

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