Roy parents lacked ‘basic human decency,’ judge says

Weber County Jail

But Matthew Earl Waldmiller, 39, of Roy

OGDEN — Judge Michael DiReda knows that young boys are mischievous, can get into trouble, can be difficult to manage and occasionally need disciplining from their parents.

But Matthew Earl Waldmiller, 39, and his wife, Diane Seifert Waldmiller, 40, engaged in behavior “so severe and so egregious and so lacking in basic human decency,” that the judge said he couldn’t understand.

“It just flies in the face of common sense and reason and again, basic human decency,” the 2nd District judge said Friday. “Special needs or otherwise, you don’t wrap duct tape around a child’s head. … I can’t even comprehend that ever being a reasonable response.”

On Friday, instead of probation and a jail term, DiReda ordered the Waldmillers to each serve one to 15 years in the Utah State Prison.

The licensed foster care couple had adopted three boys, ages 11, 10 and 7, who already had special needs. But the couple claims they became overwhelmed in dealing with the children and resorted to locking them in their bedroom for numerous hours without breaks, zip tying their wrists — sometimes behind their backs — and wrapping their heads and faces with duct tape so they could only breathe through their noses. The Waldmillers left the children with no mattresses or sheets in their rooms and painted their windows black.

The children were forced to use the air…

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