Romance Author Dylan Allen Takes on Dreamers and DACA

Dylan Allen is a bestselling author of contemporary romance novels by night and the Executive Director of a private foundation by day. She began her career as a lawyer in 2002 after graduating from the Howard University School of Law and later, the London School of Economics. After completing her Masters, she stayed in London and worked for the nation’s largest Financial Services Regulator until she returned to the United States in 2006.

Her love of reading and writing have always been passions she indulged quietly. But a combination of career dissatisfaction, the approach of middle of age, and the accessibility of self-publishing led her to publish her first novel in February of 2017. Since then, she’s written two more full-length novels and contributed short stories to two anthologies. Her readership spans the globe and she endeavors to write characters who are relevant, inspiring and unforgettable. Her third novel, Thicker than Water releases in October.

MW: Tell me about Thicker Than Water and how the idea for this novel came to you.

DA: Thicker than Water is a love story that follows the relationship between Lucia Vega and Reece Carras. Lucia is an undocumented woman whose family immigrated from Mexico and Reece is the scion of a powerful Hollywood family. She wrote a book; he wants to turn it into a movie. Their story is driven, in large part, by her immigration status. Falling in love and planning a life together is difficult when you don’t have the right to live in the same country as your significant other.

My family immigrated to the United States when I was six years old. I became a naturalized citizen when I was sixteen and for the majority of my life I’ve felt like and thought of myself as American. I’ve always wanted to write a story from the unique point of view of an immigrant. There is an uncertainty, about your “place” in America that I think all immigrants feel. Especially recently, as the national discourse about…

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