‘Roll For Combat,’ a ‘Starfinder’ Actual Play Podcast, Introducing the Players

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Are you caught up with the action in Roll For Combat yet? If not, why not!? Get over there and listen to the first three episodes of this new Starfinder Roleplaying Game actual play podcast! Roll For Combat episodes are available on the Roll For Combat website, iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.

Fair warning that this post has some slight spoilers for the first three episodes of Roll For Combat… so really, hop on over first for a listen and be entertained!

In the first episode we were treated to an introduction to the players and their characters and some explanation of their intentions with Roll For Combat. Thurston Hillman, Paizo’s Starfinder Society Developer and the first Roll For Combat guest NPC, gave some great explanations of the role playing system, and the Starfinder story. In perfect cinematic style, episode two, the first real full episode of actual play, jumped us right into intense combat where we got to experience the Role For Combat group’s unorthodox and interesting play style as they dealt with an unfortunate turn of events, and a confusing multi-faceted battle. Episode three started with the party being at risk of some legal trouble, so the action of the previous fight wound down as we got to see the party play through being investigated by the police and starting an investigation of their own, working with the Starfinder Society. With the group with some cash in their pockets and a difficult investigation ahead of themselves, I’m eager to get on with episode four to see if they’ll earn their Starfinder Society stripes! The episodes have been extremely entertaining, and I’ve picked up some more of the ins-and-outs of Starfinder along the way.

In the intro to episode 1, each player talked about themselves, their history as gamers, and their characters, and you can read more about the players and their characters on the Roll For Combat website. I had the good fortune to get to ask each of the…

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