Rockets 2017-18 player previews: Eric Gordon

Did anyone see Gordon’s renaissance coming last year? He blew expectations out of the water and set an extremely high standard for himself. This year, he’s got to keep it.

Last year, I predicted three potential versions of Eric Gordon: unhealthy Gordon, role player Gordon, and beast mode Gordon. I think it’s safe to say last year we got BEAST MODE, SUPER MAN, BOSS ERIC GORDON.

His 16.2 PPG was the most he had since 2012-13, his 75 games played was the most he played since his rookie year, and as a cherry on top he won the Three Point Contest in front of his old home fans in New Orleans. Oh, and did I mention that he was the Sixth Man of the Year?

He’ll be a contender to repeat for the award, but his role on the team is slightly different than it was last season.

Last year, he was asked to be the main facilitator and scorer for the second unit. He won’t have those responsibilities this year because the team acquired a point guard by the name of Chris Paul. You may have heard of him. Paul will handle the ball in the second unit and will look to Gordon early and often on the three-point line.

It’s ironic how Paul and Gordon are teammates now. Gordon was the main piece New Orleans received when Paul was traded to the Clippers back in 2011. Now, it’s all come full circle and Paul and Gordon are teaming up to try and compete for an NBA title for the Rockets.

Gordon’s job on the team is simple: get open, make threes. He was money last year from beyond, scoring on 37 percent of his makes. Coach D’Antoni vows that either Paul or Harden will be on the floor at all times, so Gordon will not be the primary scoring threat on the floor at any time.

I can see it now. Paul or Harden calls a screen, Capela gives it, he drives, kicks it out to Gordon to his money spot, and boom! It’s a play you know is coming but you also know that you can’t stop.

His smaller role on the team this year could hurt his chances for Sixth Man, but it does help the team’s…

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