Rock hiding craze sweeps Alamogordo

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (AP) — A new craze has hit Alamogordo, one that involves residents of all ages painting and hiding rocks throughout the community.

“My sister lives in Illinois and they do the rock thing there, she was telling me about it. I thought it would be neat for kids here because there’s not a lot for kids to do around here,” said Patricia Glore, founder of the Alamo Rocks Facebook page. “So we painted rocks for two weeks, hid about 50 of them and then I started the page.”

As residents found the hidden rocks, they also found instructions painted to the back of the rocks directing them to the Alamo Rocks page. Currently, the group has over 2,300 members.

“This is something I do with my great grandkids,” Glore said. “(My great grandson) found his first rock by himself yesterday and he was so excited. This gives them something to do outside of the house, so they’re not stuck indoors playing on tablets and watching TV.”

Organizations such as the Alamogordo Public Library and Alamo Jump have jumped onboard with the craze, hosting rock painting parties for the community.

“I love that this is something anyone of any age can do,” said Youth Services Librarian Ami Jones. “One of the things that sold me early on was a photo of a big burly dad sitting at a table with his little girl, painting rocks together. You don’t have to be a great artist — I’m sure not — and kids are so excited when they see a picture on Facebook of someone holding the rock they painted. It even gets people exploring businesses and area attractions that they might not have known about. How many kids couldn’t tell you where City Hall was, before they started finding rocks there?”

David Quinlan, owner of Alamo Jump, said this is great because it’s an inexpensive family-building activity.

“It’s great seeing parents and kids sitting down at the same table, exchanging ideas on what to paint and then trying to put their vision onto a rock via paint, glitter, glue,” Quinlan said. “The…

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