Robonauts Review – This Modern Arcade Shooter Should Have Been Better

Robonauts Review

Few of today’s gamers seem to know the thrill of going to the arcade with a sack of hard-earned change to play video games. Being surrounded by bright lights, loud noises, adolescent swearing, and the smell of cheap hot dogs, arcades were the equivalent of the casino and for many, it was a staple of childhood. As we grew older, so too did video games, as we demanded more and more out of our interactive stories. Yet there is something to be said for the charm of the arcade experience, something that Robonauts stirs up in the minds of those who remember it.

From developer Qubic Games, Robonauts is a charming throwback to classic arcade shooters, using modern technology to give it a fresh gameplay mechanic that will leave some gamers with their head spinning. Players take control of a nameless maintenance bot that instantly makes you think “What if Wall-E and EVE had a baby?” – As he goes about his boring life of cleaning the ship. Finding his way to the hangar bay, he enters a huge combat mech and – accidentally taking it for a spin – crash-lands on an alien and hostile world. It’s a wordless tale about having dreams of becoming more than you are, but really it’s a Pixar-esque set-up for a little arcade mayhem.


“Players are able to leap from planet to planet effortlessly with the camera pulling a complete 180 degree shift to keep the ground beneath your feet centered.”

Our hero is equipped with jump thrusters, grenades, and a short range blaster as he travels from stage to stage blasting baddies to what is a fantastic, classic arcade-inspired soundtrack from Simon Viklund – the composer for games like Bionic Commando, Ghost Recon, Street Fighter 3, and Payday, to name a few. The shooter aspect of the game is a straightforward affair: point at baddies, shoot baddies. Enemies will drop new weapons and grenades for temporary use that can make all the difference as the levels become more…

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