Robert Kirkman, Eli Roth, James Cameron Address the Underrepresented Stories in Comics/Horror/Sci-Fi

When you’re told a new television series is set to explore “the untold stories behind” the histories of various pop culture genres, it feels natural to ask the question: will the stories so often erased in these scenarios—that of women and people of color and other minorities—be showcased? It was a question we posited to three of the men behind AMC’s new year-round documentary series, AMC Visionaries (coming sometime in 2018), at the Television Critics Association’s 2017 Summer Press Tour. And Robert Kirkman, James Cameron, and Eli Roth came prepared to address such a quandary.

Regarding comics—something The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is set to address in his “Secret History of Comics” episodes—Kirkman pointed out two episodes in particular.

“We’re actually doing two episodes about this specifically,” he told us. “We’re doing one about the creation of Wonder Woman, which is credited as being created by William Moulton Marston, but a lot of people don’t know he had a polygamous relationship with two women, and those two women were actually very instrumental in the creation of Wonder Woman. So we do a deep dive into who they were as people and everything that inspired their lives and led to the creation of this character that’s now the lead of a blockbuster movie of this summer.”

Regarding race, Kirkman went on to add that, “we’re also doing an episode called ‘The Color of Comics’ that kind of explores the history of black characters and the lack of black characters in the comic book industry, which touches on the creation of Black Panther, the Marvel character, and has a focus from the 90s called Milestone Comics which was founded by a bunch of African American comic book creators to create characters that appealed to them and represented them because there was a very huge lack of representation for them in comics, even in the 90s.”

Eli Roth, a horror savant and frequent collaborator with indie…

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