Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Rickmancing the Stone

Post-divorce catharsis for Morty makes its way to the BloodDome in an episode that does its best with being on-the-nose.

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Rick and Morty” Season 3, Episode 2, “Rickmancing the Stone.”]

When “Rick and Morty” premiered back in April with a surprise episode that only a small group of marketing people at Adult Swim knew was coming, it treated fans who had waited since the end of Season 2 with an episode that mainly delivered on some greatest hits. Aliens had captured Rick, hellbent on stealing a secret from his subconscious. Meanwhile, life back on Earth had descended into total chaos. The last shot was even a mirror of the “100 years Rick and Morty” monologue from the end of the show’s pilot.

So how do you follow that up and get audiences excited for what the rest of Season 3 has to offer? Apparently the answer is Badass Summer. It took descending into an all-out “Mad Max: Fury Road” battle for wasteland supremacy, but it looks like the show’s central duo now has a capable third member.

As far as plot goes, this is one of the lightest “Rick and Morty” episodes in a while. After resituating all of the show’s characters in the first episode of the season, before booting Jerry out of the house, this was a chance for the show to riff on one of the biggest movies made during its hiatus while also sneaking in a not-so-subtle allegory to a family slowly being torn apart.

With this dimension’s Immortan Joe being offed in the first five minutes (thanks to a shotgun blast of the skull from newly-minted Furiosa-in-training Summer), this world of chrome is lorded over by the appropriately named Hemorrhage. In their respective ways, the trio of Earth outsiders all have to find different ways to adapt and survive, but the most shocking change is Morty’s sentient arm.

Poor Morty has experienced his fair share of unexpected horrors over the past few seasons. The show’s most…

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