Richard Spencer warns Charlottesville to brace itself for more white supremacist protests

Richard Spencer has urged Charlottesville to prepare for more white supremacist “flashmobs” after leading a march by torchlight on Saturday in Charlottesville.

The leading white supremacist, who rose to fame for being punched at an anti-trump protest, helped to organise a march in the Virginia city on Saturday.

This follows the “Unite the Right” rally which saw Neo-Nazis, KKK members, and “alt-right” supporters descend on Charlottesville in August clutching flaming torches, assault rifles and wearing paramilitary clothing.

Ugly clashes broke out with counter protesters and culminated in Heather Heyer, a peaceful civil rights activist, being killed after a car was deliberately mowed into a crowd of peaceful anti-fascist protesters.

Residents of the ordinarily quiet university town were shocked to see Spencer, who is credited with coining the term “alt-right”, return to the scene of the racially-charged violence on Saturday.

A mob of 40 white men dressed in shirts and khakis bearing tiki torches gathered around the city’s covered statue of US Confederate Army General Robert E Lee. This is the third protest which white supremacists have staged this year against the proposed removal of the monument.

Sharing a video on Twitter in the wake of the protest, Spencer hailed the success of the gathering and announced there would be more to come.

“Charlottesville 3.0 was a great success and it was a lot of fun. We came, we triggered, we left, we did an in and out flashmob. We did some singing, some chanting, some speeches. We got in and out. There were no injuries and no major confrontations.”

He added: “We’re going to do this again. This is definitely a model which is going to be repeated.”

Spencer, who is president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute, told Newsweek that people could expect to see many similar style rallies in the months coming. “We could come back with three or ten times the number of people in the future,” he said.


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