Rich Cho launches food blog Big Time Bites

In less than two weeks Rich Cho will turn 52 years old, which makes me confident enough to assert this: Rich Cho may in fact be the oldest millennial in the world.

This morning, an article went up on detailing the launch of the Hornets GM and reigning NBA Summer League Ping Pong Champion’s newest side hustle: a food blog called Big Time Bites.

The name is straight out of the Lavar-Ball-School-of-Branding; and if Cho intentionally tried to low-key parody Big Baller Brand with the name here that shows an even more impressive understanding of millennial-internet culture. Either way, this makes for a great juxtaposition:

LAVAR: Stay in yo lane!

CHO: Nah, bruh.

This isn’t a game. Big Time Bites isn’t merely a food blog, its a comprehensive culinary scouting report. No, seriously. The sites reviews are literally called “Scouting Reports,” because of course they are:

It only seems fair to break down the site in the same spirit, so here’s my scouting report:

I love this blog; big riser on the menu board. High upside, solid fundamentals with great mechanics. This thing has all the tools to make it on the next level of food blogs. Theres not a lot of tape on Big Time Bites, so it’s a little raw, but with some solid reps in its first year it could develop into an elite site. My comparison- I see it as a cross between Yelp and Fantasy Basketball. Fans are going to love these reviews.

The sight encourages readers to get in on the action and leave their own reviews and incentivizes collaboration with the “Visitor Scouting Report of the Week.” Winners receiving officially licensed Big Time Bites swag:

These will be mine. I must have them.

I’m pleased to announce here that I have officially made an account and signed in with Big Time Bites Brand as a Big Time Bites Blogger/Brand Ambassador. I’m excited to get to work and right…

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