Rest Easy, George R.R. Martin, a Computer Program Has Written The Winds of Winter For You

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Looks like George R.R. Martin can take a breather. An engineer set up a neural network using all of the books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series to write part of the next installment, The Winds of Winter. It may not make a lot of sense—or any sense, really—but hell, neither did that whole Sansa and Arya murder fake-out.

Full-stack software engineer Zack Thoutt created a recurrent neural network to write The Winds of Winter, based on words, phrases, and characters from the rest of the series. Thoutt told Motherboard it’s a “long short-term memory” network, meaning it remembers information stored in the text, like character deaths. It’s not exactly accurate, though, as according to the new book Ned and Lord Mormont have returned from the grave.

In order to accomplish a feat that not even Martin himself has been able to dachieve yet, Thoutt uploaded the first five books in the series into the network (almost 5,400 pages worth) so it could spew out the latest twists, turns, and deaths in the iconic series. Here’s a small sample from Chapter One, narrated by Tyrion:

The Hound found Jeyne Poole. Ser Meryn Trant had sent King Yoren through the harbor, to summon the black brothers who had donned his horned veins. The fools he’d wed with him, had all been reborn. “Why, I know? He was bleeding, covered his whole legs on shoulders of the snow. He will stand on deck for the fish a fortnight, and never kill one. A blade is no longer, yes, she thought, but he couldn’t take much food.

He could not help himself at first rush. Ghost came by, in a camp when Asha hunted to the night’s watch. Now the torches beneath them and the rose in his head or we’ve brought them out of the world. He is stubborn and stupid, but his council never saved my brother as most. “There must be five choices,” he pointed out.

It is an effort. Mine uncle had do the same color. She could hardly count by death.

It made Ned better stop until the fire was falling, standing…

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