Renegade Entrepreneurs at GKIC to Start a Magnetic Marketing Revolution – Jorge Olson to Lead the March as the Chief Marketing Officer

Jorge S. Olson, CMO of GKIC

I’m so excited to join the largest, most influential entrepreneurial movement in the world. GKIC makes an impact in the lives of business people, their families and their employees.

When the puzzle piece fits perfectly in place, you know you are one step closer to having a complete “big picture”. That’s the way GKIC, the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, feels about the addition of Jorge Olson as the Chief Marketing Officer.

Jorge Olson is no stranger to GKIC. He has been associated with GKIC for years, an influential member of the entrepreneurial organization serving as Certified Magnetic Marketing Advisor, a speaker at GKIC events, collaborating in webinars and teleseminars and as President of GKIC Mexico.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Jorge will envision, strategize and execute GKIC’s growth plan for the Renegade Entrepreneur Movement. He’ll run the marketing department and team, attract new leads, prospects and customers and provide value to these customers with information, training products, coaching and consulting services.

A Beacon of Successful Marketing Solutions

“GKIC has always been a strong resource to entrepreneurs and business owners,” explains A.J. Mirabedini, CEO of GKIC, a provider of marketing and business breakthroughs to small-business owners around the world. “Jorge will be leading the advancement of our marketing services, making GKIC a beacon of successful marketing solutions. As a long-time member and friend of GKIC, he has spoken on our stages, been featured in our publications, interviewed on our member calls, and helped lead our membership growth in Mexico. He is the perfect fit!”

A Leader among Marketers, Executives, Small Businesses and…

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