Removing the Barrier to Digital Interoperability

In a move to facilitate rapid deployment of cutting edge technology to our warfighters, Stauder Technologies is now distributing, free of charge, their JECL® platform, including the much touted Android-based mobileJECL™, to the US military and its coalition partners for immediate use in ground and maritime operations.

To further their mission of supporting the warfighter, Stauder is also providing their ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit) and A-PASS (Android – Precision Assault Strike Suite) fires plug-ins, making them available for use, free of charge, by any authorized member organization / country.

JECL® (Joint Effects Coordination Link) provides direct digital interoperability between dismounted Fires Operators (e.g. Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs), Joint Fires Observers (JFOs), etc.) and fires platforms (Close Air Support Aircraft, Battle Management Systems, Ground and Naval Fires Systems, etc.) Representing the next generation of mobile battlefield technology, mobileJECL™, grounded in Stauder’s premier cross-platform JECL® solution, allows the operators to directly connect their tactical fires application on an Android device to radios and peripheral devices, drastically improving SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) ratios and decreasing system complexity. In addition to supporting legacy messaging protocols (VMF, Link-16, SADL, CoT, AFAPD), this advanced capability also provides next-generation support for platforms such as Network Enabled Weapons and is architected to be highly extensible.

“Supporting Stauder’s stated vision that all indirect fires troops are equipped with the optimal digital capability to provide the decisive advantage necessary to protect our troops, our friends and our freedom, it’s time we give the operators what they need,” said Jerry Stauder, CEO of Stauder Technologies. “For too…

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