Regulator Watch Designed to Honor Aerospace Technology Launches on Kickstarter with $25,000 funding Goal

The Apollo Watch

Our combined experience enables us to communicate what we actually want to our suppliers and how it has to be done, rather than just buying what is offered; in fact, every single part of the Apollo timepiece is custom-made to match our need for quality and design.

Created by an international team driven by the idea of developing a new way of watchmaking, iDEA & Associates created the Apollo watch. Designed using technology directly aligned with the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility, the Apollo watch launched on Kickstarter today with a $25,000 funding goal.

Apollo’s design is incredibly unique. Mechanically, the movement is fixed on a support, which allows the case to be much thinner than typical watches, and creates an ‘inner bubble effect.’ Both the curved casing and the back of the watch are made from Hesalite crystal, a robust, shatterproof material. The team selected this material to ensure that the casing was heavy-duty and that the Apollo watch remains smudge-free. Additionally, the crystal is dome-shaped extending to the very edge of the watch’s face. This function slightly magnifies the dial elements for better legibility from all angles and lighting conditions.

From the chrome finish to the spear-shaped hour and minute hands that were specifically designed to easily catch light, what sets Apollo apart from other regulator watches is its immaculate design features. The Apollo watch’s motor, Miyota 8219, was carefully selected and developed to reduce friction and wear on moving parts. Apollo’s hand-selected motor is guaranteed to maintain temperature stability and operate without efficiently without lubrication.

“The regulator is one of the things that…

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