Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the Internet, the world has converted itself into a small office. Now people can work from anywhere and give the same output that you expected until now from an employee sitting in your office doing what you want him to do.

Below are the top seven reasons to hire a VA:

1. Your Virtual Assistant will support your needs, not the other way around. Since they bill their hours for the work they accomplish – some in increments as small as 10 minutes – you are not paying for personal phone calls, late arrivals, childcare crises, or sick time. If you detest the forced socialization of a corporate workplace, or listening to the humdrum minutiae of your co-worker’s life story, a virtual staff solves that problem.

2. Your working relationship is based upon a contractual agreement whereby you state in no uncertain terms what you expect. They either do it or they don’t. If you want a web designer who uses Dreamweaver instead of hand-coding HTML, then you specify that. Or, you can entirely defer to your Virtual Assistant’s expertise and focus your energy elsewhere.

3. A good virtual assistant can execute numerous chores which are fundamental to running a business, but do not demand a physical presence at the company address. Chores such as checking and responding to emails, sending out invoices, uploading content to blogs, and maintaining contact with clients may all be outsourced to a virtual assistant . Because of the availability of the Internet finding a virtual assistant to perform the duties of a secretary is now possible and less expensive than ever bdfore.

VA Service & i-Office Headquarters is the brainchild of Merralee Taylor. Merralee has spent 15+ years in management and administration in the corporate world and has brought that expertise to this service

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