LOS ANGELES — The next presidential cycle is closer than you think.

For all practical purposes, it starts heating up next year, and so far there’s no clear front-runner on the Democratic side to challenge President Donald Trump.

There has been talk lately about notable tech CEOs such as Apple’s Tim Cook and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg picking up the mantle and going head to head with our CEO-in-chief. Both have recently criss-crossed the country in what looked like pre-presidential runs. (Both deny interest in the job.)

Let’s handicap their chances, along with two other prominent tech leaders, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Tim Cook

Pro The Apple CEO is brilliant when it comes to manufacturing. Steve Jobs was the visionary, but it was Cook, 56, who figured out how to churn out hundreds of millions of iPhones every year. Over 200 million iPhones will sell this year, more individual units than any other mass-produced high-end device. He’s been outspoken for equal rights, and mastered the art of public speaking, ably succeeding Jobs in the highly viewed and choreographed Apple product introductions. 

Con It’s only been in recent years that a handful of politicians and business leaders have felt comfortable disclosing their sexuality in public. When Tim Cook said he was “proud to be gay,” in 2014, he was the highest profile CEO at the time, and since, to come out. While American voters’ attitudes towards gay rights has changed considerably over the…