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“The Lucky Thumb” is scheduled to debut at the Canton Film Festival in April 2018.

LAWRENCE TWP.  It’s a peaceful, pitch-black night along a back road in Ohio’s Amish Country. The chirping of crickets fills the deafening silence.

In the distance, headlights cut through the thick summer air. As a truck approaches, the silhouettes of the driver and the passenger become visible. The sound of conversation drifts from the vehicle’s open windows.

The passenger is stuffy in his white shirt and tie. The driver is a little more laid back with a blue and black checkered shirt, overhauls and a camouflage hat that reads, “Deer Hunter.” There’s something odd about the driver with his purple skin and large eyes. His claw-like hands clutch the steering wheel.

There are clues that the driver is not from around here. An alien air freshener dangles from the rear-view mirror of his Chevy, and an alien bobblehead dances on the dashboard.

Is it an alien sighting in Stark County?

No. The description is one scene of a short movie being put together by a group of locals who are rolling the dice on the success of the film, which blends science fiction and comedy.

“The Lucky Thumb” — note the hitchhiking reference — in a nutshell, is an approximately 15-minute independent film. The plot thickens when a tax attorney, who’s driving through Ohio Amish Country, breaks down and gets picked up while hitchhiking by an alien metal scrapper.

All filming for the movie took place several areas of the county.

According to show producer Richard Stano, of DualPhoenix Productions, the movie will be a little quirky, while also entertaining.

“It’s something along the lines of the absurd; think ‘Spaceballs’,” said a smiling Stano, who declined to get too specific on the script. Scenes took three days to film earlier this month in isolated areas outside of Canton and Lawrence and Marlboro townships.

The movie…

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