Quick Strikes: Alex Semin is back in the news

The Bolts

The Tampa Bay Lightning have decided to put the fate of the team’s depth back into veterens after being forced to sell a large portion of the previous veteren core last spring. Fan Rag Sports works through what Tampa gained and lost in the last 6 months. [Fan Rag Sports]

Andrei Vasilevskiy’s mask is very cool!

Fanpost: @TeslaCoils delves into the defensive pairings in terms of what’s needed out of them and what they can provide. “Yzerman, by adding multi-Cup champion Kunitz and re-signing our top forwards, seems to want to push for a deep Cup run this year. That is not necessarily the best time to have all three vets (four if you include Sustr) on your defensive pairs be babysitting rookies for the long haul.” [Raw Charge]

The Prospects

The Tampa Bay Lightning prospects are front and center for Team Canada at this year’s World Juniors Summer Showcase (we will have video of the games after their first game on tuesday)

Top 25 under 25

#1: Honorable Mentions: Yesterday we reviewed the players in the Tampa Bay Lightning organization who did not make our top 25 list. “The common theme with all of them is ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ With five of the seven being NCAA or NCAA-bound, they’re just not as visible. The same goes for Sosunov playing in Russian junior hockey. As we go on over the next couple years and we see more of what these players can do, I expect we’ll start to see them rise in the rankings.” We did player profiles for players ranked #26-#34, if you are interested. [Raw Charge]

#2: Andrei Vasilevskiy is ready to take the reins of the starting goalie job and run with it for a long time. “After taking over for Ben Bishop last season, the 23-year old spent 50 games in the crease for the Bolts – add to that another nine games at the World Championship and you’re looking at a significantly increased workload from the 36 games he had combined between Syracuse and Tampa in the 2015-16 season.” [Raw Charge]


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