Quadric Software Celebrates World Backup Day by Creating Awareness About Data Protection with a Week-Long Giveaway

After major disaster, the last thing a business wants to worry about is whether or not they have reliable backups. That’s why we have designed Alike to be simple, fast, and reliable, allowing users to recover their business with confidence.

To celebrate World Backup Day this year, Quadric Software is launching a new campaign aimed at increasing awareness about the importance of backups and data protection. “We are encouraging every business and organization to make the pledge to backup their data on March 31st,” said Quadric CEO, Phil Baskette, adding, “We’re excited about promoting the World Backup Day initiative to educate people about backups and disaster recovery throughout the week of World Backup Day.”

As the leading backup vendor for Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V, Quadric Software understands that customers not only need a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution, but it’s also nice to get a small perk for the effort. That’s why Quadric is giving new customers a free gift for purchasing Alike during World Backup week (from March 27th to April 3rd, 2017). See Quadric’s latest blog post for details.

Baskette had this to say about their effort to increase awareness about World Backup Day. “Whether they are purchasing Alike for the first time, or they’ve been using our solution for years, we’re giving a small gift as a token of our thanks to our customers for choosing us to ensure their data is safe.” Baskette also notes that backups are only the first step to having a true disaster recovery plan, but we can help with that too.

The World Backup Day website also encourages SysAdmins to have a backup procedure that not only includes regular backups, but also to test restores: “One should also…

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