PV Church Hosts Finding Common Ground Speaker Series


Being human is a messy endeavor. We are made to be in relationship—built for community, craving to be known and seen and heard, better together. And yet, some flaw in us allows us to dwell on difference and allow diversity to become divisiveness. When we learn that diversity will indeed transform us

More so than at any other time in decades, Americans are experiencing a social upheaval that has led to seemingly intractable and extreme polarization. We struggle to understand each other’s cultural nuances, and don’t see eye to eye on economics, religion or politics. It’s not just that we can’t seem to agree. Often times, we can’t even begin to understand the positions of others, suggesting that there are fundamental, substantive differences in how we view reality.

Confronted with this situation, Paradise Valley United Methodist Church created a Common Ground series that began with “Navigating Common Ground” in September with videos and discussions on a variety of topics such as how Christians use the Bible as a weapon, how political polarization occurs, how dangerous one story can be, and how we can reclaim religion. The discussions have made each of the participants take a step back and call a “time out” from the diviseness we experience every day. Warring tribes have come together to explore diverse worldviews, beliefs, cultural orientations, and prejudices we hold. The lectures are part two of the series, “Finding Common Ground,” and are geared to explain how we develop the worldviews and beliefs we have and why they are such powerful forces in our lives. With these insights, the hope is that participants will be able to better understand others and…

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