Princess Diana’s reported last words revealed by firefighter who gave her CPR

A firefighter who attempted to save Princess Diana 20 years ago after her fatal car crash in Paris has spoken out on the anniversary of her passing about that fateful night.

The British royal died at age 36 in 1997. Xavier Gourmelon was one of the first responders at the scene.

He told Good Morning Britain Thursday Diana was still alive when he first approached the wreckage.

“Nobody knew it was. Nobody recognized her,” he recalled. “As I approached, there was a blonde person sitting on the floor. She regained consciousness and looked at me and said, ‘Oh my God, what’s happened?’ A bit agitated. I tried to calm her down and tell her we’d looked after her, and she fell into a coma again.”

While many have long believed it was the paparazzi chasing Diana’s speeding car that caused the accident, Gourmelon said there was reportedly no one at the crash site.

“When I arrived, there was no one around the car,” he insisted. “It was completely clear around the car. We took her out of the car, put her on a stretcher, and at that moment the doctor said she was in cardiac arrest. So we gave her CPR and after 20 seconds she regained consciousness and we transferred her to the ambulance.”

While Gourmelon believed Diana would survive, she lost…

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