Press and Latch Cable Tensioners System Tremendously Optimizes Cable Railing Installation

Press and Latch cable railing system for decks

The Press & Latch cable tensioner system saves up to 80% in installation time compared to other available systems on the market

When considering cable railing system for your deck, balcony, or stairways, the major installation time lag is in mounting the cables to the tensioners.

Traditionally installers use a crimping or swaging system to attach the cable to the tensioners. This method is time consuming, costly from a perspective of buying the compression tooling that usually cost in the few thousands of dollars. And most importantly it is prone to failure over time because of the cable pulling force.

After years of product, marketing, and customer research, Inline Design designed a Press and Latch (PL) system for attaching the cables to the tensioners. Unlike swaging, this system doesn’t need any special tooling. It’s as simple as inserting the cable into the tensioner then the tensioner internal spring system with angle jaws latches on the cable. The angle jaws mechanism compress on the cable, and the more the cable pull the more the latch. The latch internal system transforms the cable and the tensioner as one entity that becomes stronger over time. The PL system saves up to 80% in installation time compared to other available systems on the market.

Each run of cable has a tensioner on one end and a cable terminal at the other end. The tensioner is a turnbuckle system that has been designed in a very slick and modern look that makes it almost visually dissolving with the cables.

The Press and Latch system is versatile and available for four different mounting conditions.

Steel Stairs runs: The PL system has a pivoting system at its end which allows the tensioner to…

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