Pregnancy Resource Center in Portage seeks donors, visibility | Regional news

It has been operating at full steam since 1995, yet somehow the Portage Pregnancy Resource Center’s biggest obstacle remains visibility.

“I still get comments from people saying, ‘Oh, we didn’t know you provided that service — and where are you located?’” said the center’s president, Liesa Zastrow. The nonprofit began as a research committee made up of concerned citizens nearly 25 years ago, all members with a mission to support mothers during pregnancy.

Today, the organization helps an average of 10 mothers per month, providing physical necessitates like diapers, baby wipes, baby rash ointments, lotions, high chairs, pack-and-plays, clothing and other supplies. The center always is on the lookout for donors, particularly in the form of monetary donations and diapers, an item Zastrow said “goes really quick.”

Supply volume depends on donations, Zastrow said, and the organization’s 15 volunteers feel lucky to be operating in Portage. The center recently received a truckload of supplies courtesy of a fundraiser led by Blau Family Chiropractic. The facility routinely gets significant supply boosts from local churches and individual donors.

The organization believes it can help even more mothers if they knew about its services.

“Sometimes, moms are isolated and don’t get to talk about (what they need),” volunteer Eileen Knecht said. “Their home situations might not be good, and that’s why we try to get the word out to different facilities that help people.”

The center works with several local groups on a referral basis, Zastrow said. That includes Divine Savior Healthcare for health care needs, River Haven as well as Hope House in Baraboo for shelter, St. Vincent de Paul for food and clothing and the Women, Infants, and Children nutrition program, among…

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