PR News seeks to publish experts on Influencer Marketing

PR News invites communications experts to contribute to what will be a must-read book being published later this year. The “Influencer Marketing” Guidebook will offer readers professional expertise about this exciting new dimension of communications. The best social media, PR, communications and marketing experts are contributing to this effort, and PR News is seeking more to participate.

Our goal is to give our community of more than 300,000 communications professionals access to incredible expertise and insight. We also think this could be an excellent branding and exposure opportunity for you and your organization.

Some of the articles we seek cover these areas:

  •     Case studies: real-world examples of successful influencer campaigns
  •     Finding, vetting, selecting influencers
  •     Legal considerations, FTC guidelines
  •     Brand-influencer relations
  •     Measuring influencer marketing
  •     Earned (organic) vs paid, and how to get each
  •     Marketing TO influencers, getting airtime without official relationship
  •     Becoming an influencer (articles for people who want to BE influencers), making somebody within your company an influencer
  •     Compensation models, going rates, benefits, what influencers expect
  •     Influencers for causes/nonprofits/extremely low budgets
  •     Account takeovers, establishing trust
  •     Crisis plans in case influencers go wrong
  •     Influencers’ point of view working with brands (Influencer authors only)

We are looking for fresh takes that are not previously published and focus on a particular dimension of influencer marketing.

If you’re interested in contributing, please send roughly 50 words summarizing your idea to prnewspress(at)accessintel(dot)com using the subject line “Influencer Marketing Guidebook…

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