Power Test FCT Dynamometer System Withstands Hurricane Irma

Power Test’s Fully Containerized Engine Dynamometer

We’ve been building our field-proven FCT’s for years for the U.S. military, and now we’re seeing increased demand for locations with unpredictable or volatile weather.

Traditionally, engine dyno test cells are permanent facilities and can’t be moved. In July of 2017, Power Test, Inc. commissioned a Fully Containerized Transportable engine dynamometer testing system for Machinery and Energy Limited in Nassau, Bahamas. The benefit of this FCT503 system is its ability to quickly be shuttered up and transported to safer ground in the event of hazardous weather conditions. In a real-world proof of concept, M&E LTD recently transported their portable testing facility to a secure location avoiding the destructive force of Hurricane Irma. In a mere 8 hours, they had their 1,500 HP Engine Dyno Test cell packed up and ready to roll on two flatbed trailers. Even more importantly, only days later, they were able to return to their facilities and restart their testing operations amidst the aftermath of the storm.

Fully Containerized Transportable testing systems are available in both engine and transmission configurations and include every necessary component for complete testing and evaluation. In the event of circumstances that necessitate a move, due to weather, field repair scenarios, or temporary location situations, the FCT can be dismantled and reassembled in as little as 5 hours. This versatility allows testing in regions where the risk to, or investment in a permanent facility is too great. Power Test has delivered FCT Systems in a number of variations to affected regions around the world.

“When the hurricane was approaching, we packed the two FCT…

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