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More than two years ago, on his way home from the Philippines, Pope Francis, while firmly asserting his views against artificial contraception, said that “Catholics don’t have to breed like rabbits and should instead practice responsible parenting.”  Such remark made headlines and elicited numerous reactions both from the liberal minded and the conservatives all over the globe.  Subsequently, in trying to clarify his remarks, he made it clear that he is not against Catholics with large families.  Furthermore, he emphasized such long-established belief that every child is a blessing.  More importantly, Pope Francis emphatically stressed that “numerous children don’t cause poverty in the developing world, as some have suggested, and that the real cause of poverty is an unjust economic system that idolizes money over people”. 

Simply put, such statement underlines the fact that money is concentrated to a few.  That, so far, nothing much has trickled down to the struggling majority.  Obviously too, in between these statements or remarks are issues on the economy in general and economic concerns of families, in particular.  Agreeably, it was just appropriate for the Pope to bring to the fore these significant family (being the smallest economic unit in the society) issues or concerns.

Truth to tell, in our sincere efforts to break the poverty cycle, we set aside a very significant statistics, population growth.  These are information that were readily available then and were scientifically gathered.  Thus, three years ago, some were shocked by the announcement of PopCom Executive Director Juan Antonio Perez III that “definitely in the third or fourth quarter of 2014, we will be more than 100 million.” 

The fact was, that we will be more than 100 million in 2014 was nowhere anything new.  As early as October 16, 2002, the National Statistics Office (NSO) released the results of its 2000 Census of Population and Housing revealing that as of…

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