Post-pregnancy bodies celebrated on Instagram

An Instagram account that helps women celebrate their post-pregnancy bodies has been embraced by new mums.

Followers are encouraged to share a realistic photo of themselves, post-partum, along with their thoughts and feelings about their bodies and babies.

It’s called @takebackpostpartum and features photos of real mums with real bodies as they care for their newborn babies.

Image: Instagram @takebackpostpartum

One mum wrote, “When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to take an honest postpartum picture, and this is mine.

“I thought I’d have some pregnancy pudge, loose skin, maybe stretch marks. 

“Instead there are bruises from all the IVs and blood draws, pale skin, hospital maternity underwear, greasy hair because that’s my last priority, and a whole bunch of things about me that are trying to “bounce back” that I didn not anticipate, things that can’t be photographed, only expressed verbally.

“So I want to take you all who have taken the time to thank me for, support me in, and encourage me to share my story openly and uncensored either privately or in the comments.

“All that love helps me feel like it is safe not to be quiet about the reality of my birth and postpartum…

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