Pink and Gray Wedding Colors

Pink is always a popular color for weddings. For the last several years, pink and brown have been an especially hot color palette, but this year, a new neutral has replaced brown as the top companion to pink. Take a look at these great ideas for using pink and gray as your wedding colors.

As strange as it may sound at first, the hottest color to hit the wedding scene this year is gray. Charcoal gray is especially popular for formal or evening weddings, pewter is pretty as a metallic accent, and dove gray is lovely for an afternoon affair. One thing that all of these shades of gray share in common is that they all pair wonderfully with pink. The soft feminine side of a rose pink keeps the neutral gray from becoming too austere, and the gray gives the girly pink a dash of sophisticated elegance. Together, pink and gray make an unbeatable wedding palette!

Bridesmaid dresses are a great place to begin planning your wedding colors. Pink and gray are both easy to work with for your attendants’ attire. For an elegant evening wedding, try floor length charcoal gray dresses in a soft silk chiffon. It is one of the most chic bridesmaid dress styles of the season, and your ladies are sure to look graceful and sophisticated. If your wedding is in the daytime hours, think about opting for a pink bridesmaid dress. Something with clean lines would work best with the chic gray accent color, rather than a dress which is very frilly. To bring in the gray accents, try sets of pearl bridal jewelry in a dove gray shade. Bridal jewelry sets in a gray pearl look equally elegant on the bride, or she could opt for the softness of pink pearls. Beautiful, either way.

Naturally pink flowers will be the ideal choice for a pink and gray wedding. Elegant pink roses, exotic orchids, lush peonies, and unique ranunculus are among the flowers which would be especially beautiful. Bring in your signature shade of gray with special bouquet wraps, such as a charcoal satin ribbon binding the stems. A fabulous accent idea would be to pin a pewter and crystal brooch to the handle of the bride’s bouquet. If pearls are more your style, ask your florist about incorporating some gray pearls in amongst the blossoms in the bouquets. They can be wired into the centers of flowers, or tucked in between the blooms.

When the wedding flowers favor the pink, more gray can be used in the table linens at the reception. Choose carefully, as too much gray can bring down the energy of the room. Tablecloths with a hint of shimmer will ensure that the gray is elegant, rather than dreary. Charcoal gray silk dupioni or an embroidered pewter organza would be beautiful reception linens that would provide the perfect backdrop for pink floral centerpieces.

There are many other ways in which pink and gray can be used in a wedding. The two colors combine gracefully for letterpress invitations, work wonderfully for the groom’s attire, and can inspire the wedding favors. The upscale and elegant pink and gray color palette is an excellent option for any bride.

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