Pianist/Composer David Lopato’s “Gendhing for a Spirit Rising” Set for September 8 Release on Global Coolant Records

“Gendhing for a Spirit Rising,” the new CD by pianist/composer David Lopato.

I wanted to be able to infuse Western harmonic movement into a modal system that doesn’t have that type of motion (and many Indonesian musicians perhaps prefer it that way).

Musical genres have been melding for ages, yet pianist/composer David Lopato has developed an eclectic East-West fusion that truly has no precedent. A respected educator, inventive composer, inveterate musical explorer, and fearless sonic pioneer who has traveled a highly personal “silk road,” Lopato is releasing the extraordinary “Gendhing for a Spirit Rising” on September 8 via Global Coolant Records. This two-CD set is the culmination of the mesmerizing musical landscape he has cultivated since his first encounter with Javanese gamelan in the mid-1970s.

Along the way, including a pivotal year spent in Java as a Fulbright Scholar, Lopato carved out a niche for himself by crafting a fascinating and idiosyncratic instrumental voice that distinguishes him from others on the contemporary music scene.

An opulent smorgasbord of sounds, “Gendhing for a Spirit Rising” showcases the leader’s work on piano, marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, Sundanese kendhang (hand drums), gongs, and electronics. Joining him on the recording are such jazz luminaries as Marty Ehrlich (alto and soprano saxophones), Mark Feldman (violin), Erik Friedlander (cello), Ratzo Harris (bass), Bill Ware (vibraphone), and drummers Tom Rainey and Michael Sarin; classical marimba virtuoso William Moersch; I. M. Harjito, the preeminent master of the Javanese rebab (traditional spike fiddle); and American gamelan masters Anne Stebinger and Marc Perlman (Javanese kendhang).

“I wanted to be able to infuse…

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