Philosophy among the Humanitarian Academic Disciplines

Educational Discipline
Academic discipline is a branch of a human knowledge in this or that sphere which is learned at colleges and university and its basics are taught at school.
Philosophy as one of the Academic Disciplines
Philosophy regarded as academic disciplines that are called Humanities. The subject of Philosophy is a human being area. Though the object of this educational discipline is very extensive, since for centuries a lot of disciplines were the components of Philosophy before they turned independent ones. That is why Philosophy studies not only such abstract notions as knowledge, reason, existence, and so on. Many philosophers are also thinking about the issue of correlation of a language with consciousness, and etc.
The chief Philosophical theories are: Realism, Nominalism, Rationalism, Empiricism, Skepticism, Idealism, Pragmatism, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Structuralism, and Post-structuralism.
Perhaps, Philosophy had arisen with the first emergence of a human intellect. Since people were always interested in the timeless problem: “Why?”
Branches of Contemporary Philosophy
Because the history of the academic discipline was long, numerous Philosophical branches developed. These days there are Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics, as well as Philosophy of language, Philosophy of mind, political Philosophy, and Philosophy of religion.
The Problem of Philosophical Knowledge
The amount of philosophical theories fits with numerous philosophers. That’s why one can barely confess there exist philosophical schools where their members are of the identical opinion about a phenomenon. Obviously, one philosophical school includes people with similar ideas, but still, they vary.
Western and Eastern Philosophies
Aside from, philosophical doctrines vary from country to country. The Western Philosophy has only a few similarity to the Eastern Philosophy. The foremost is considered to be the philosophy of an individual. And the Eastern Philosophy is actually the philosophy of cooperation. ”

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