Perception is reality for Giants as McAdoo loses control of team

Ben McAdoo said Wednesday that he is not concerned about the perception he has lost the team and only “concerned about reality.”

But what this naïve Giants coach doesn’t understand is that perception is most certainly reality in the NFL when a 31-year-old veteran player walks out of the building on a 40-year-old coach and calls his treatment “BS.”

Perception also is reality that McAdoo on Wednesday intentionally omitted and would not clarify that his benching of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie this coming Sunday was the reason why the veteran corner had left the facility and the coach had suspended him.

McAdoo’s incomplete account made it necessary for a leak to clarify some details through a WFAN report and then required Rodgers-Cromartie to stand up for himself through ESPN and explain what had motivated him.

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If McAdoo conveyed his displeasure to Rodgers-Cromartie as poorly and tersely as he did in the public announcement of it, it probably was B.S. It is the same tactic McAdoo uses when asked for his reasoning on an unsuccessful play call: he acts defensive, borderline insecure. It comes off terribly.

Even the Giants players who had McAdoo’s back on Wednesday weren’t foolish enough to try and convince anyone this should be interpreted more positively than the disaster it appears to be.

“I could see why it would look like that,” offensive lineman Justin Pugh told the Daily News of the outside perception that McAdoo has lost the team. “But everyone’s gonna look for a way to divide us right now. There’s gotta be some way, someone to point a finger at. So we’ve got to stay tighter than ever in here.”

Ben McAdoo said he will suspend cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

(Jason Behnken/AP)

The point is, though, players talk, more losses will breed more discontent, and this is only…

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