Peeing on children’s toys may have ended with 2013 deadly…

SAN ANTONIO – It was a case that had gone cold, but Bexar County detectives hadn’t forgotten about it. A new look at the 2013 shooting death of Michael Felan, 40, has shined a light on who they believe was behind the crime.

“There is new administration at the DA’s office, new administration at the Sheriff’s Office and sometimes that’s all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to look at a case like this and start filling in those missing puzzle pieces,” said Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar. 

Salazar said they had those puzzle pieces, including DNA evidence and many statements, but they hadn’t been put together until recently. 

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“Very early in the investigation, we felt we knew who the suspects were. We had their names. We had some of the facts of the case. There were just some missing pieces, if you will,” Salazar said.

The new perspective finally allowed them to arrest the original suspects, David Morin, 27, and Ruben Donjuan, 27. They’re accused of kidnapping Michael Felan and another man, moving them to at least two locations, and shooting Felan.

Felan’s body was found on the side of FM 1346 near Adkins.

“There was information that they were going into some sort of legal business venture at least amongst several of the actors and the victim,” Salazar said. 

The violence could have been a falling out over business, but detectives were also given another strange story about what may have started the initial disagreement.

“As far-fetched as it sounds, somebody urinating on some kids’…

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