Peachjar Teaches High School Students to Code in Summer Internship Program

“Peachjar’s mission is to help improve the trajectory of the lives of K-12 children, and we felt that with this internship program, we could do just that,” Wesley van Rensburg, CTO for Peachjar.

As summer draws to a close in Southern California, five San Diego County high school students are heading back to school with an increased knowledge of coding, having also been exposed to a potential future career path. Peachjar’s Chief Technology Officer, Wesley van Rensburg, hosted the summer internship program with the goal of helping inspire young minds to code.

The students, Jake Durham and David May of Poway High School, Trayjuan Harris of High Tech High School, Andrew Huang of Canyon Crest Academy and Rachel Luu of University City High School, all participated in an eight-week program focused on learning to write HTML, CSS and Java Script. Coding techniques were laid out over eight lessons and involved various tasks such as creating and styling a profile list, getting and setting data on an API, handling Javascript events and troubleshooting customer issues. The ultimate goal was then to be able to participate in writing code for a new Peachjar website feature, which the students did successfully. Student David May told van Rensburg, “I’ve learned a ton about development and will definitely be considering it as a focus for my future career!”

During the internship, students also learned about and rotated through each of Peachjar’s various departments, gaining an understanding of how each function contributes to the overall growth of the company.

“Training the future workforce is critical, especially in the domain of technology,” said CTO Wesley van Rensburg. “Peachjar’s mission is to help improve the…

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