Parsing Provider Rchilli Acquires CandidateZip

This acquisition is an incredible strategic fit for both organizations.

Rchilli announced today that it is acquiring CandidateZip, a provider of resume/CV parsing and candidate data automation technology. Rchilli helps organizations across the globe capture, manage, enrich and analyze candidate and jobs data through its cloud-based technology and unique integration platform.

The acquisition will not affect CandidateZip’s current client relationships, and the company will continue to do business independently under its own brand. Going forward, the CandidateZip team will work to align and integrate its offerings with those of RChilli.

“This acquisition is an incredible strategic fit for both organizations,” said Vinay Johar, CEO of Rchilli. “We’re bringing together two great parsing technologies to create an industry powerhouse. We’re also expanding Rchilli’s presence in key sectors of the global marketplace, including advertising, sales and marketing. In addition, we’re greatly accelerating our market penetration among one of our most important client bases: enterprise organizations.”

Johar said that enterprise company in particular face a rapidly growing influx of candidate data and need a comprehensive solution to help them capture this data, organize it and analyze it efficiently. The combined Rchilli/CandidateZip offering will be perfectly suited to these tasks.

“We’re also delighted to be adding CandidateZip’s unique connection application to our offerings,” Johar said. The CandidateZip application connects all of the various talent applications used by employers, job boards, applicant tracking systems and others. The app is especially useful to organizations that don’t have an IT team but wish to use parsing technology or integrate their…

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