Large solar project in Blythe goes online. (Nov. 11, 2016)
Jay Calderon/The Desert Sun

Palm Springs officials, religious leaders and California environmental activists rallied in support of a clean energy bill this week, calling on the state legislature to pass the measure which would put California on a path to generate 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2045.

Senate Bill 100, an ambitious clean energy plan put forward by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, drew praise from Palm Springs Mayor Rob Moon and Council member Geoff Kors Wednesday, who said the push for clean energy would create jobs and conserve resources.

Kors said hundreds of thousands of Californians were already employed in the solar, wind and other renewable energy industries, but that doubling down on the state’s commitment to alternative energy sources could create even more jobs, including within the Coachella Valley.

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He said when “California takes action, other states follow” and that the recent heat waves blasting Southern California should leave residents with no doubt that steps need to be taken to preserve the environment and generate clean energy.

The mayor said it was important to conserve non-renewable resources like petroleum–used for much more than fuel and energy–and promote innovations in energy which will create jobs and save valley residents money.

“California is uniquely positioned. Look around us, we have this incredible solar power, wind energy and we have geothermal energy, almost in unlimited amounts here in California,” Moon said. “So there’s no reason why California cannot be not only the country’s leader, but the world’s leader in renewable energy.”