‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Will Get Space-Age Tech

NEW YORK — “Pacific Rim Uprising” is set to take the first film’s monster-fighting mayhem up a notch, according to the upcoming movie’s creators and actors.

Last Friday (Oct. 6), fans of the 2013 action film “Pacific Rim: packed The Theater at Madison Square Garden here at New York Comic Con to learn about the technology featured in the highly anticipated sequel, “Pacific Rim Uprising,” coming out in March 2018.

The “Pacific Rim” series is set in a future world where an inter-dimensional portal opens underneath the Pacific Ocean and allows titanic monsters known as Kaiju to wreak havoc on human societies. In defense, humans have built giant mechanical fighter bots known as Jaegers to stop the insurgence, and each Jaeger requires at least two people joined in a mental link to operate it. [‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ with Jetpacks! Trailer Shows Mechs on Rockets]

Giant Jaeger mechs battle giant monsters in “Pacific Rim: Uprising.” The movie will hit theaters in March 2018.

Credit: Universal Studios

One key difference in the new movie? “The Jaegers look cooler: super heavy-metal machines,” said Aaron Sagers, editor-at-large at Syfy Wire and moderator of the panel. panel moderator.

Director Steven S. DeKnight and actors Burn Gorman, Cailee Spaeny, Scott Eastwood and sci-fi favorite John Boyega joined Sagers to answer questions about the upcoming film, which continues the struggle 10 years after the first film’s Jaeger and Kaiju combat. [End of the World As We Know It: What’s the Draw of Dystopian Sci-Fi?]

Syfy Wire’s editor-at-large, Aaron Sagers. On Friday (Oct. 6), he moderated a New York Comic Con panel to discuss the upcoming film “Pacific Rim Uprising” with the director and the cast, and to take questions from the audience.

Credit: Doris Elin Salazar/Space.com

According to DeKnight, the new film aims to “show a new generation of…

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